Who will win the 2021 Ballon d’Or?


Just a few more months and we’re there. In a few weeks, we will finally know who will win this year’s Ballon d’Or. In the last few seasons, media and insiders were quite sure of the name that would be awarded as the best footballer of the year, but this time the situation looks quite different. The possible winners are many and all of them have reasons to be taken into consideration. Among the candidates for the final success, there is also a player of the Italian national team, just back from the triumph at the traveling European Championships this summer. Who will win in the end?

Lionel Messi

has already won the Ballon d’Or several times in the past. The “Flea” has been the protagonist of a long-distance duel with Cristiano Ronaldo, which however seems to have ended since the Portuguese left Real Madrid. The Argentinean has also lived moments of ups and downs, but in this 2021 he has finally achieved something that had always eluded him in his career: the conquest of a trophy with the national team.

Messi was one of the best players of Copa America and brought his people a joy that had been missing for some thirty years. Journalists who find themselves voting will surely take this into account. The former Barcelona number 10 has continued to score goals in bunches at the club, and after moving to Paris, his chances of winning the Ballon d’Or might even increase…


on the other hand, has already been awarded by UEFA as the best player of the past season: an acknowledgment that conceptually would already coincide with the meaning of the Golden Ball. The Italian-Brazilian player has collected international cups in recent months: first the Champions League with Chelsea, then the European Championship with Italy, and finally the European Super Cup, again with the club’s jersey.

In October, the midfielder could also win the Nations League. In short, the numbers are on his side, but the criticism leveled at him by his detractors is that taken individually, Jorginho is not, to all intents and purposes, the strongest footballer in the world at the moment. After Croatia’s exploit at the 2018 World Cup, the Ballon d’Or ended up in the hands of Modric and later someone regretted this assignment. Jorginho, therefore, finds himself on the edge of the line.


is also among the possible winners. Among the soccer odds that can be consulted on the net, the name of the Pole is not at all snubbed when hypothesizing who could win the next Ballon d’Or.

We are talking about a player who came close to winning the Golden Shoe 2 years ago, being penalized by the lower number of matches in the Bundesliga calendar. It was Ciro Immobile who benefited, but last season there were no stories and the Bayern Munich striker scored more than anyone else.

Given that the Ballon d’Or was not awarded in 2020, it would not be illegitimate to imagine that someone wants to act for compensation. How will it end? We are unlikely to see any surprises or more names added to the list. We can already assume that the winner will be one of these three. We just have to wait…