Stefanos’ goal is to win a Grand Slam title


Apostolos Tsitsipas gave a short TV interview and was asked about the possibility of Stefanos bringing a Grand Slam title to Greece, the problem with his shoes and the harsh criticism he has received recently.

“Stefanos is resting, he needs rehabilitation and I hope he is ready until the Davis Cup” , said the coach and father of No. 3 of the world ranking in the show “To Proino” of ANT1, who found him at the airport. Apostolos returned from New York to Athens and from there went to Heraklion for the matches between Greece and Lithuania in the Davis Cup.

Regarding Stefanos’ problem with his shoes, he said: “He changed his model and he has to solve this problem. He is working with his company and I think he is on the right track.”

On whether he will bring a Grand Slam: “That is his purpose, but he should not have that pressure to bring something. I think he has to do his job properly and everything will come.”

On stress: “The pressure is on all the athletes. The athletes who are there have some goals and they want to achieve them. It is an individual sport, there are many athletes on one board and they all have similar goals. What they have to do is set “All his strength and realize it. It ‘s a matter of time I think.”

Finally, he made a comment on whether Stefanos is upset with what is written against him: “No, he is not. Everyone has their opinion on some things, it is not bad to express our opinion freely. This is how we learn, this is how we become better. “