Samuel Nmomah will challenge Craig O’Brien


The promising superwelterweight Samuel Nmomah will return to the ring on Friday, October 1 to face the Irish Craig O’Brien on the distance of 8 rounds in the event.

“We’ve been managing Samuel since his professional debut – explains Alessandro Cherchi of Opi Since 82 – and now it’s time for him to face opponents that will allow him to move up the ladder.

Craig O’Brien is one of them: he won the national title, he is quoted at the European level and we know that Irish fighters are all valuable. Never underestimate an Irish boxer! We have an international title as a goal for Samuel and a win over Craig O’Brien would be a step in the right direction.”

Professional since December 2016, 24-year-old Samuel Nmomah lives in Novara, but has built his professional career in Milan: he trains at Opi Gym with master Franco Cherchi and has fought seven times at Teatro Principe, once at Superstudio Più and twice at Allianz Cloud. Craig O’Brien has boxed in Ireland, Great Britain and Belgium. On March 3, 2018, in Dublin, he beat Jay Byrne on points to become Ireland’s superwelterweight champion

Samuel, when did you know you were going to fight on October 1?

“I’ve known for about two months. I train twice a day: in the morning in Novara I run and do athletic training. In the afternoon I go to Milan and take care of the boxing part with master Franco Cherchi at Opi Gym in Corso di Porta Romana 116/A.”

Who are your sparring partners?

“Two professional boxers who train at Opi Gym: superwelterweight Xhuljo Vrenozi and middleweight Othmane Dioual .”

Have you seen any videos of Craig O’Brien’s fights?

“Yes and I have to say that technically he is stronger than any fighter I have faced. But I’m confident in my means, I’m well prepared and so I’m confident in winning.”

Do you have a champion as a reference point?

“Floyd Mayweather, I liked him for his defensive ability: with his constant movements, his dodges, he almost always sent his opponents to the ground. In boxing you have to know how to hit, but in my opinion it’s also important not to take a beating.”