It’s a battle for salvation, we have to win


A trip from Liguria to Juventus, who tomorrow (6:30 pm) will play as guests of Spezia at the Stadio Picco. Coach Allegri presented the challenge, answering journalists’ questions in the usual press conference on the eve of the match. “Compared to the match against Milan, there will be some changes.

We play every three days and some players have come back from 6-7 games in a row between the national team and the championship.

Spezia won in Venice and created a lot of chances, they’re a team that plays without too many worries. Playing in their stadium is not easy. The technical qualities will have to come out in the long run.

We have to win and then we’ll start to see things differently. Right now, talking about long-term objectives doesn’t make sense, the only thing we have to do is beat Spezia. We have to take it one step at a time.

THE MATCH AGAINST MILAN – “We did a good performance on Sunday, even if we have to improve because we still make too many technical mistakes. The team did a good defensive and offensive phase. I’ve reviewed the game against Milan: from 45′ to 52′ we missed eight free balls. In those moments where you have to have good management. Until the corner of the equalizer, Milan had bounced against us”.

Allegri: “An intense match against Napoli, we’ll get there…

Juve doesn’t give up, Dybala’s renewal becomes a case

THE TEAM FOR TOMORROW: “Morata has recovered and is in good shape. The only one out is Chiellini who was half feverish yesterday, today he has recovered a bit but I prefer to leave him at home. From a tactical point of view, nothing will change tomorrow. Chiesa will start alongside de Ligt, we’ll see if I’ll change any others”.

ARTHUR AND KAIO JORGE: “The recoveries of Arthur and Kaio Jorge are progressing very well, after the break they should be in the squad”.