Ibra challenges Achilles tendon hoping to play against Juve


After being forced to miss Liverpool due to tendon inflammation in his left leg, Zlatan will be monitored day by day. The problem is subtle, but if he doesn’t feel pain Zlatan will be there

The trouble, besides being a cold shower in timing – right on the eve of one of the most important and illustrious engagements of the season, right after the game that marked the return to the field with goals – also comes with a sneaky aspect.

“Suffering from achilles tendon,” bitterly reads the Milan note that forced Pioli to draw a line on Ibrahimovic’s name on the list of summoned players for Liverpool when everything was already ready to welcome Zlatan back to the Champions League.

A sneaky diagnosis because it is not a traumatic fact. It is not a blow, an ankle that turns, a muscle that stretches too much. In short, it’s not something that can be precisely quantified. It is, as Pioli pointed out, an inflammation. And, as such, it is subject to an uncertain prognosis. The classic illness to be monitored day by day, as they say in these cases. As happens for example with pubalgia.

PRUDENCE- The leg is the left one, that is the one of the knee operated in June in arthroscopy for a joint cleaning that became necessary after the sprain suffered in Turin with Juve on May 9. The medical staff had tried conservative therapy, but it had not been enough.

The shower is more than cold because despite the player, coach and obviously doctors have chosen the path of absolute prudence in the rehabilitation process, Zlatan was forced to stop again after a return to the field of just half an hour.

On the other hand, Pioli explained it well the day before yesterday: the Swede felt pain in his tendon after the match with Lazio, it was thought that Monday’s rest was enough to fix the matter, but during the finishing session on the eve of Liverpool the pain returned and at that point, as a precaution, the Swede slipped into the list of unavailable players.

MONITORING- The trouble, in itself, is not serious. Otherwise, Pioli would not have said that he hoped to solve everything with Monday off. And if it were serious, Ibra would not have taken part in the final training session at Milanello on Tuesday, which he did almost entirely.

The first quarter of an hour, open to the media, we saw with our own eyes: a keep-away of good intensity in which he took part without problems both when he was in the circle and when he was in the middle. Evidently, during the course of the session, the pain gradually appeared. What happens now? Daily monitoring, in fact, with a program that includes partly treatment and partly personalized physical activity. Plus, obviously, the clinical controls of the case. Yesterday he remained at absolute rest, today he will return to Milanello.

We were talking about a sneaky trouble because the perspectives related to a tendon inflammation in a case like this are complicated to understand. Theoretically, if the pain in these days would disappear, Zlatan could be available already for Sunday night in Turin against Juve, where the ordeal began four months ago. But, unlike the first months in which Zlatan returned to the Rossoneri, where the whole castle seemed to collapse when some problem stopped him, now Milan can afford to move forward, and to do it well even without him.

And if this is the situation, it is thanks to his contribution. Prudence, therefore, will remain the key concept in the management of Ibra. We will see him at the Stadium only if there are no risks, otherwise it will be later. Until October 3rd, the Diavolo plays every three days and there will be a thousand opportunities to be ready. Maybe starting from Pioli’s optimism of forty hours ago: “I think we will see him again soon”.